Hasegawa P-47 Thunderbolt 1/32


The iconic P-47 Thunderbolt was the main fighther of Brazilian Expedicionary Force (FEB) in Italy, during the WWII. All the veterans who served in Tarquina are treated like hereos in our country, and in fact they where heroes. They where recognized by their outstanding performance in the air and in the ground support as well. These guys where experts in ground attack and straffing. When we build a Brazilian P-47 we do it with great respect by our veteran pilots. We try to keep the details and reproduce every aspect faithful as possible to the real airplanes. This machine in special bring a nose art, but later the Saquadron Leader Nero Moura, demand a paint job to cover it, he kept a strict discipline.  In my opinion the Hasegawa offering is superior to the Trumpeter. The surface detail is much better and the fiting is much better too. The Trumpeter kit brings a lot of internal parts that you can´t show when you close the fuselage halves. The markings are painted on. The masks where made by my good friend Felipe Canuto Miranda based on his own decal set to the Brazilian Thunderbolts. To improve the interior and exterior detail a BIGED set was used. The paints used are from Tamiya and the chiping effect was made using a silver color pencil. Hope you like it.

DSC00405 (2)






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Hasegawa P-40 1/32


Nothing more unfortunate than start to build a model and realise in the midle of build process that you dont have a whole sprue !!!! This is exactly what happened with this P-40. I started to build it and in the midle I discovered that the kit set does not bring the “O” sprue. That was a commission build. I did get in touch with my client, and explain to him the situation. He told me to throw away the model. I wasn’t able to do so. After some time I talk with Felipe Canuto Miranda, the owner of FCM decals and a very talented modeler. He is an outstanding guy, he had a complete P-40 model and he sent me his “O” sprue, so I was able to make resin copies of the propeller, spiner, cockpit details and other parts. FCM was a rescuer to this project. Thank you so much Felipe. Please check his web site (http://www.fcm.eti.br/), his decals are designed by him self and they are printed at Microscale in USA. His research to design his decals is top quality.

The shark mouth was painted on and the other markings like fuselage number and national insígnias as well.  The finish was made using Tamiya colors, the chiping effect was done using a silver color pencil. Hope you like this model!!!!




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A broken heart… a new one


Hey  here I´m again! I have to tell something about my heart! When I was around 4 years old my mother take me to a doctor, because of a strong flu and she said that something was wrong with my heart. My mother call back to my pediatrician and then he said: “no worries about it, I knew about it but I did not tell you because this problem is harmless to your son.” He talking about my heart murmur. Since then I had a normal life, played like any healthy child. I always loved to ride my bicycles, to swimming, to roller skating and other outdoor sports. But a few years ago, I started to monitor this problem through trans thoracic ecodoppler, this medical exam show that my aortic valve should be tricuspid, but during my manufacturing process, somehow I had a bicuspid aortic valve. In a long term period this is cause an stenosis in my heart, and in a near future I can have some serious problems like a sudden death.

In my last medical exam in August my doctor said that my stenosis is quite serious and I have to drop all my physical activities till second order. This is broken my heart, because as I said I love to ride my bicycle while I not at the bench. But the good news is that this problem is fixable. My doctor said that at the right time I can take a heart surgery to replace the aortic valve. I can choose between a mechanical one, like the St. Jude mechanical valve or a biological one, made from pig tissue. I choose a mechanical one. November 3th around 11:30 am I was laid down on a surgery bed, the last thing I remember was a doctor said: ” relax dude, everything is going to be alright”, and thanks God it was. Now I fell like Ironman,  despite all the pain and discomfort. Today I fell good to get back to the bench, there are a lots of projects to finish. And who knows, maybe in a near future I can get back to ride my Bicycle… Life is good and sweet.

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Finally I´m back

The focus of my blog is modeling, keep sprues empty. Because of this my 3 month break. My workbench if filled with models, new projects, review projects, customer projects, shelf of doom rescues. This year I built more than 10 models! Here are at least three of them. Revell´s DO217, Monogram´s He-111 and Dragon Ju-88. Lots os RLM 65, 70 and 71 paint. Lots of fun building these models. Them most dificult is the Ju-88. This model shows some problems with fittings, The He-111 and DO-217 are a delight to build, I had some problems with He-111 landing gear (my mistake).

This time I used some PE and pre cut masks from Edaurd, nothing else.

Hope you like them, and soon  I hope to come back with some Polish stuff from 1939, brave pilots at this time. This is will be a model to honor my relatives (Great grandmother and Father) who leave Poland in 1917 as refugees.



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Great Wall 1/48 TBD-1 Devastator

Hello fellows I´m back!!!! This is my first Great Wall kit, and definitely is not will be the last one. However I have some considerations about this company. Their models are beautifully injected  and packed. My main complaint about these models are about the price. In the case of the devastator is not worth the price, just because there are some additions in side the box that are useless. I´m talking about the masks for the clear parts and for the national insignias. The masks for the clear parts are made of vinil. I don´t like of this material, it is seems to sticky for my taste, and certainly would leave some glue residue at the clear part, after all they doesn´t match the shape of the frames. I strongly recomend the use of the masks produced by Eduard, they are made from kabuki tape and the fit to the frames is perfect.

The masks for the national insignias are useless as well, they made the navy stars with round tips. I simply used the decals as a pattern to cut my own masks. In this model is much more easy to paint the national insignias due the corrugated surface of the outter wing panels. The decal seems to be quite stiff to conform to the corrugated surfasse. After all I like to paint my own markings instead of delaling with seting solutions for the decals.

The PE fret that comes with the model is very well made, and is a great adition, as the poster that comes at the box bottom, it is a reproduction from the box cover.

Another problem noticed by me is the rivet definiton on the plastic surface. I remade every rivet because they are to soft, and for sure, they would not respond to the later wash process. And surprisingly I had big problems with the wing root. The fit of the wing to the fuselage requires attention and some work with putty and sand. Some recessed lines must be remade using a scriber. After two weeks I had a beautiful redition of this airplane. I hope you like it!!!


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P-51 B Mustang Tamiya 1/48

What can I say about my favourite airplane? Well not to much there is tons of information, books, pictures and movies about this legend… What can I say about the Tamiya´s Mustang, maybe the easiest model to build. Great fitting, great details.

Enjoy the pictures…



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A6M2-K Mitsubishi Zero Hasegawa 1/48

I´m always curious about the trainer versions of the WWII fighthers. After the basic training in biplanes or more slower airplanes the pilots must learn the art of dogfighting. Nothing better than tame the real deal. The trainer version of the Zero was a modified A6M-2. In this case the canopy hood is provided only for the instructuor. The devices at the under wing is the shooting targets. The instructor release them into the air, after the parachute deploy the stundent must peppering them with the machine guns. The chiping effect at this model was a great luck of mine.

I used an enamel silver paint from Gunze as base coat. When I peel off the homemade masks for the “hinomarus” it bring together some of the camouflage color (acrylic paint), the chiping effect was done!!!! I used some styrene sheets to change the chucky look of the original the landing gear doors. I hope you like it. Mabe at the next post I´ll show one more japanesse fighther. This time with the pilot inside!!!


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